Our Bright Future is empowering young people to become skilled and engaged citizens. The vision for this five-year programme is for 60,000 young people to be involved and we are well on the way!
Young people deserve a healthy planet, a thriving economy and a bright future. The programme is supporting projects to work towards that.
We are working with talented young people from diverse backgrounds. Some come from marginalised communities, some have a disability and some are at risk of homelessness. All of the young people involved in Our Bright Future have one thing in common: their willingness to roll their sleeves up and improve their own life along with creating a positive change for the environment. There is something for everyone. Not only are young lives being improved but local communities become more cohesive and vibrant. In addition, local environments are becoming richer in wildlife and more resilient.
In addition, 31 projects come together face to face or online, to learn from one another and share best practise. We are confident that this unique model of Share Learn Improve, will strengthen each project and lead to a larger impact across the UK. Collectively we are gathering strong evidence about the way we support the development of our environment and young people. We are confident that this evidence will soon start to guide policy making around young people and the environment at local, regional and national levels in the UK.
Our Bright Future is the only current programme of its size that brings together environmental and youth sectors’ This is where the Our Bright Future programme offers new opportunities for the two sectors to develop and refine approaches to empower young people to lead future environmental change.