Our Bright Future is an exciting and ambitious
programme designed to address current key
issues and challenges faced by this generation.


    Our local communities are becoming increasingly fragmented and our collective well-being is being affected. At the same time our local infrastructure and spaces are being eroded and communities and young people are not involved in decision making processes.

    We are witnessing increased climate change and nature’s recovery is suffering due to a disconnect between people and the environment. The benefits of the environment to our physical and mental well-being are not maximised.

    There is high unemployment especially amongst those under 24 years old. Research also reveals a lack of opportunities for young people to access green skills, knowledge and experience to help them into employment or further education.

    The UK must transition to work effectively within environmental limitations but the opportunities and benefits of a resource-efficient ‘green’ economy are not readily accessible to young people. As a result it is not a favoured employment and education route for young people.
Our Bright Future’s vision is to address these systemic societal issues through our community of young, ambitious and capable individuals.
  •   The environment is where we live. Our Bright Future is designed to unleash the ambition of young people across the UK to make a personal and collective contribution to making our environment brighter, happier and more resilient to threats like climate change and the waste of natural resources.

    - Peter Ainsworth, UK Chair of the Big Lottery Fund