Our impact

What is our impact?



We are creating significant change in the quality of our urban and rural environment. Local spaces are being transformed to provide vital havens for wildlife as well as vital services that help protect communities from climate change. We are improving local infrastructure and helping nature’s recovery.


We are empowering young people to make a positive contribution to their communities through shaping and delivering their own projects which improve the areas around them. We are investing in opportunities for them to gain skills, experience and employment to develop themselves as environmental leaders.


We are inspiring people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds to come together and contribute to a wide range of activities with positive and long lasting impact. Successful local community enterprises are being established up and down the UK and local people are gaining a wealth of benefits from improved local places.


Using our best practice programme model, we are demonstrating the opportunities and benefits presented by a resource efficient and sustainable ‘green’ economy. In doing so, we aim to change how we invest in our society and make the green economy the favoured employment and education route for young people.

‘I’ve suffered from anxiety and being in such a supportive environment where I am making a positive change has really helped me grow and learn.’
– Jade an apprentice from the Green Futures project
Evaluation of the Programme
The Wildlife Trusts has engaged Economic Research Services (ERS) and Collingwood Environmental Planning (CEP) to undertake an evaluation of the programme. The evaluation aims to:
  • test whether the programme has achieved its long-term ambitions
  • identify good practice and ongoing improvements that will be regularly shared and drive improved performance of the 31 projects
  • provide better evidence on how young people can improve their local environment, which can be used to inform wider policy and practice
  • test and evidence whether a partnership way of working that invests in human, social and natural capital, is an effective means by which to deliver greater impact, and provides a solid evidence base for shaping policy asks
As part of the evaluation contract, a baseline report has been produced and is available for. A midterm report is expected in Spring 2019 and a final report in 2021.


Evaluation Baseline Report
This Baseline and Context report sets the scene for subsequent evaluation reports: a Mid-term Report in 2019 and Final Report in 2021. The Baseline and Context Report outlines the starting position, both from a programme perspective and in terms of the portfolio of projects. As such, it provides a baseline (although not in a traditional/quantifiable sense) against which future reports can assess progress and achievement. This report will also reflect on early learning relating to the set-up phase.
The purpose of this ‘Setting the Scene’ report is to set out:
  • the background to and rationale for the Programme
  • the Programme’s aims and objectives and how it intends to pursue them
  • the partnership, how it operates, the expertise/experience each partner offers and their expectations of the Programme
  • the nature and scale of the 31 projects and the variety of approaches they are adopting
  • a baseline position for initial expectations, the policy context and other evidence which can be re-visited in future reports
‘I love being able to be outside, explore the beautiful Yorkshire countryside and make a positive impact upon it’
– Lorna from the Tomorrow’s Natural Leaders project