Sep 30, 2019 Anna Maggs 0 comments
The greatest environmental youth movement you’ve never heard of

Behind Greta Thunberg’s headline grabbing thunderstorm of the #YouthStrike4Climate and the Extinction Rebellion protests, there is a grassroots environmental youth movement tackling climate change and boosting young potential. Nearly 100,000 passionate, skilled and environmentally conscious young people are leading the way to a brighter future, through Our Bright Future, a programme funded by The National […]

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Jan 12, 2017 Anna Maggs 0 comments
Introducing Anna

Anna Heathcote is the new Communications Officer for Our Bright Future. Coming from a charity background, it has been a very natural transition into the Wildlife Trusts’ Our Bright Future team in Newark. Prior to joining the team I juggled two roles, one with fellow conservation charity the RSPB, and the other with local community […]

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