Ask 1: more time spent learning in and about nature

We are calling for Government to produce guidance to schools stating that at least an hour of lesson time per day should be spent outdoors.
Why are we asking for this?
Being connected to nature is widely known to improve physical health, wellbeing and learning in young people. Being outdoors can help us to be more active, focused and can provide stimulation for new ideas. It can also help young people to apply their learning to real situations.
In terms of wellbeing, the outdoors can provide space to process difficult experiences or act as respite from busy places. By engaging in outdoor activities with others, young people can improve their communication skills and confidence through shared tasks, whilst making a positive difference to their environment and the natural world.
Our Bright Future is asking for schools to have one hour per day of lesson time outdoors.
We want to show the positive impact being outdoors can have.
How can I get involved?
As a school
There are endless activities that schools can do outdoors and many of the Our Bright Future projects are already working with their local schools to take learning outside. From species surveys in science and leaf shape symmetry in maths, to sustainable sculptures in art and an ‘Ode to a Weed’ in English; there are lots of great ways to embed outdoor learning into the curriculum.
Thursday 7 November 2019 is Outdoor Classroom Day. On that day we’re asking schools to do at least one hour of activity outdoors. Please share your experiences of the day on social media using the hashtags #OutdoorClassroomDay and #OurBrightFuture. You can find lots of teaching ideas and resources on the Outdoor Classroom Day website.
As an individual
Even if you’re no longer at school, you can still take part and show your support for getting outdoors and the benefits it can bring. Share your experiences of the day on social media using the hashtag #OurBrightFuture and send us a photo of how you spent your hour outdoors!
  • If you’re at college, why not take your revision or reading outside for an hour. Find a comfy spot in the park, or under a tree on campus
  • If you’re at university, try taking a few friends on a mindful walk. Find a short route around your local greenspace and split it into three sections: spend one section listening to the sounds, one section thinking about what you can smell, and spend one section thinking about what textures you can feel as you go
  • If you’re at work, why not spend your lunch hour outside? Take your food alfresco, or try downloading a leaf ID app and learning the names of some of the trees nearby
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