Our Bright Future is a forward-thinking social movement that is supporting our generation to lead progressive change in their communities and local environment. We are helping young people step up and take what is rightfully theirs: a healthy planet, a thriving economy, a brighter future.
The quality of our built and natural environments are benefiting from significant change. As a result, our communities are gaining a wealth of benefits from improved local places and our people are benefiting from developing knowledge and confidence that will help them into further education and employment.
But this programme goes a lot further than the impact seen by the individual projects.  Collectively we are gathering strong evidence about the development of the environment and young people. In particular, we are looking at the importance of addressing both issues together through growing our green economy. We are confident that this evidence will soon start to guide economic choices made at local, regional, and national levels in the UK.
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We are creating significant change in the quality of our urban and rural environment. Local spaces are being transformed to provide vital havens for wildlife as well as vital services that help protect communities from climate change. We are improving local infrastructure and helping nature’s recovery.


We are empowering young people to make a positive contribution to their communities through shaping and delivering their own projects which improve the areas around them. We are investing in opportunities for them to gain skills, experience and employment to develop themselves as environmental leaders.


We are inspiring people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds to come together and contribute to a wide range of activities with positive and long lasting impact. Successful local community enterprises are being established up and down the UK and local people are gaining a wealth of benefits from improved local places.


Using our best practice programme model, we are demonstrating the opportunities and benefits presented by a resource efficient and sustainable ‘green’ economy. In doing so, we aim to change how we invest in our society and make the green economy the favoured employment and education route for young people.