Green Academies Project

Project name: Green Academies Project (GAP)

Lead organisation: National Trust

Project partners: UpRising, Birmingham Youth Service, Birmingham Parks & Gardens, Skills Solutions Wythenshaw, Capel Manor College, Durham District Scout Association, and Offa Community Council

Project summary:   

GAP will roll out the successful approaches developed during phase one in Birmingham to four new locations in England and Wales – Manchester, Newcastle, SW London and Wrexham – and new parts of Birmingham.

In each place a cohort of young people will be established and trained to take responsibility for conservation, maintenance, and planning and implementation of projects at local outdoor sites. They will have the opportunity to learn and practice on National Trust land, working with the GAP Ranger and others at each property to learn practical skills such as tree planting, hedge laying and coppicing alongside softer skills such as team work and communication skills.

Working in partnership with organisations experienced in supporting and training young people will be given the necessary skills and confidence to undertake work on and champion their local green spaces in their local communities.

Project outcomes:

  • Young people are better equipped to progress in education and/or employment by having gained new skills through accredited and/or other learning opportunities
  • Young people have developed softer skills and increased confidence as a result of participating in conservation activities and volunteering opportunities
  • Local people are more engaged with their local green places and the local environment is enhanced by improved green spaces. Local communities take ownership of them and the infrastructure and networks are created to allow the continued development and management of these spaces
  • Local green spaces are significantly enhanced and improved in terms of wildlife and access, more people are aware of them and feel more able to enjoy and access them.

Primary counties working in: West Midlands, Cheshire, Greater London, Tyne & Wear, Clwyd