One Planet Pioneers

Project name: One Planet Pioneers

Lead organisation: Middlesbrough Environment City

Project partners:                 
Actes Trust, Tees Valley Wildlife Trust, Middlesbrough Council, Askham Bryan College, Thirteen Housing Group, Knkow Your Money, Teesside University.

Project summary:   

The project will use the One Planet Living model of sustainability as the basis for engaging young people in developing, designing, delivering and evaluating a range of environmental sustainability initiatives. These will bring community and environmental benefits to Middlesbrough whilst broadening participants’ own skills, experiences and life chances.

Although it is one of the most disadvantaged towns in England, Middlesbrough has a long track record in promoting sustainable living, particularly through the use of the One Planet Living model. The town, and young people in particular, face significant challenges regarding employment, education and health.  The project will build on and add value to current work and best practice utilising the established links between environmental, economic and social sustainability to improve the life chances of young people and bring about lasting environmental change.

Project outcomes: 

The project will empower disadvantaged young people, 14-21 years old, through engagement in environmental action in the broadest sense, using volunteering, training and apprenticeships to develop young people as environmental advocates and leaders.  Using the One Planet framework and utilising existing partnerships, it will:

  • Engage disadvantaged young people, including NEETS, unemployed, those excluded from, or at risk of school exclusion, and those in transition from school
  • Maximise engagement by working with partner agencies to address barriers to participation, such as debt, transport, functional skills, health or behavioural needs and by developing participants as peer mentors for other young people
  • Develop, with participants, practical environmental volunteering opportunities and apprenticeships within Middlesbrough’s urban environment determined by, and relevant to, young people. Sites will include nature reserves, Green Flag parks, Middlesbrough’s beck valley network and community allotments, with a focus on supporting existing volunteer groups and thereby promoting sustainable volunteering
  • Develop, with participants, volunteering and apprenticeships in environmental awareness projects and events
  • Develop participants’ environmental knowledge, leadership and advocacy skills, including through decision-making on the project, John Muir Award and accredited training, to become “One Planet Pioneers”, recognised as experts and influencers of environmental change at the local level
  • Improve access for participants and the community to greenspace, through Forest Schools, walking (including training young people as health walk leaders) and cycle-recycle schemes
  • Seek to progress participants into further training, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities through existing partnerships including Askham Bryan College, Teesside University, Middlesbrough College and local employers.

Primary counties working in: Middlesbrough

Website: Middlesbrough Environment City