Vision England

Feb 10, 2016 vocational training

Project name: Vision England

Lead organisation: Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB)

Project partners: Field Studies Council

Project summary:   

This project will empower and equip visually impaired teenagers with the skills and confidence to make positive, lasting changes; to their life, their environment and community.

Over five years, 240 teenagers (aged 14 to 17 years) will benefit from this impactful project. This is a transitioning age group, moving from childhood to adulthood and often from school to college.  The project will use shared experiences of the natural world as an innovative learning tool, and a holistic way to break down social barriers and gain confidence.

It will offer young people a rare opportunity to come together (in the same, small groups of 16) over the course of one year. This prolonged contact will sustain the momentum and progression required for real improvement to be made. They will meet initially for an introductory day and then subsequently for three residential events, followed by an additional celebration award day (planned and delivered by the youngsters themselves).

Project outcomes: 

  • 240 young people with Visual Impairment (VI) will increase their self-confidence and improve their independent living skills and independent travel skills
  • 240 young people with VI will benefit physically (through improved fitness) and mentally (via maturity, self-belief, determination, better judgements of risk) from taking part in outdoor environmental activities
  • 240 young people with VI will feel less isolated and alone, and will gain new friendships and establish informal support networks from the other young people with VI taking part
  • 240 young people with VI will make a meaningful and positive contribution to their local environment and communities through improved education, employment and volunteering opportunities, and increasing community integration

Primary counties working in: England-wide

Website: RNIB