Welcome to the Green Economy

Project name: Welcome to the Green Economy

Lead organisation: Groundwork London

Project summary:   

Welcome to the Green Economy focuses on three interlinking strands of work: 

  • Window into the Green Economy. Engaging 700 young people across 70 London secondary schools. Supporting them to deliver school environmental audits encompassing energy, water, waste, landscape.  Extrapolating results of audits to show what it would take to tackle this work on a national scale – practically demonstrating the range and number of jobs available in green economy
  • Welcome to the Green Economy. Recruiting 400 young people onto training and work experience programmes offering them the skills and experience required to access vacancies in the green economy.  Our target is 60% to move into green economy jobs
  • Work for the Green Economy. Creating ring-fenced jobs and apprenticeships for an additional 100 young people who are furthest from the labour market. Giving each of them at least six months waged employment and training to prepare for jobs and apprenticeships within: Reuse, domestic energy services and climate proofing urban landscapes.

Project outcomes: 

  • 700 young people will have increased understanding of the careers and jobs available in the green economy
  • 700 young people will have increased knowledge and understanding of their communities’ impact on the environment and how it can be mitigated
  • 400 young People will have increased skills and the work experience necessary to gain work in the green economy, of whom 360 will complete accredited industry relevant qualifications and 240 will move straight into work in the green economy
  • 150 new jobs will be created and ring-fenced for vulnerable young people unlikely to move directly into employment in mainstream green economy
  • Environment will be improved through: 135,000 kg waste diverted from landfill, 7500 tonnes of CO2 saved, 8.3 million litres of water saved and 50,000 square metres of land improved/maintained.

Primary counties working in: Greater London

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