Youth in Nature

Project name: Youth in Nature

Lead organisation: Probe (Hull) Limited

Project partners: Child Dynamix, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, EMS Ltd, East Hull Community Farm

Project summary:   

Youth in Nature will develop a comprehensive programme of wildlife related activity developed and led by young people.  The project will create a centrepiece wildlife corridor, and a number of satellite initiatives across Hull in partnership with local communities, businesses, developers and volunteers.

Youth in Nature will:

  • Engage young people in the natural environment
  • Offer practical wildlife activities including hands-on development of local ‘wildlife zones’
  • Campaign for and seek to influence others on behalf of nature and wildlife, enhancing awareness of the natural world
  • Offer young people the chance to develop a range of skills, improving employability and life chances.

Youth in Nature will leave a legacy of young people who are committed, informed and influential in issues relating to the natural environment, along with improved access to, and understanding of, nature and wildlife, and ‘wildlife zones’ that will enable wildlife to thrive within the city.

Project outcomes: 

  • 1,500 young people increasing their knowledge of environmental issues and being given the opportunity to ‘sign up’ to Youth in Nature
  • 500 young people will experience nature through trips and visits
  • A wildlife corridor and 16 ‘wildlife zones’ created and maintained by young people and community volunteers/organisations within local communities
  • 500 young people will increase their life chances, by increasing their employability/enterprise prospects, knowledge and skills by being involved in Youth in Nature
  • 100 young people becoming active citizens and influencing developments within their communities
  • A series of roadshows taking place as a tool for engagement and promotion
  • 60% of the young people involved will achieve formal and/or informal accredited training

Primary counties working in: East Yorkshire (City of Hull)