From Farm to Fork

Who ran the From Farm to Fork project? Feedback and Foodcycle
Where was the project? Across England
How old were the participants? 16-24 years old
Can I join? This project ran from January 2016 to February 2019, so unfortunately not. However, there are lots of other Our Bright Future projects available!
What was it? With Feedback, young people ‘gleaned’ (harvested) surplus food from farms that would have gone to waste. With FoodCycle, young people prepared and served meals to the community using gleaned vegetables and fruits, along with surplus food from supermarkets and local businesses.
Can I read what someone else thought of From Farm to Fork? Yes, read Farhad’s story
Are there any other opportunities at Feedback and Foodcycle? If you’re aged 18-24, interested in sustainable food, and looking to develop your skills, Feedback are creating paid internship opportunities via the Eco Talent project! 
From Farm to Fork Evaluation Report