Outdoor Classroom Day

This Outdoor Classroom Day, on Thursday 19 May, teachers and children across the globe will be taking lessons outside. It’s a fantastic opportunity for many to explore outdoor learning afresh, and how the natural world can be incorporated into classes for any subject. The young people in Our Bright Future want this to be a [...]

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One step closer to our goal of more time learning in and about nature

On 21 April, the Department for Education (DfE) launched the new Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy. A stronger focus on the role of education in preparing the next generations to live and deal with the intertwined environmental, health and climate crises was extremely needed. Therefore, we welcome the launch of the strategy. It is great [...]

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Young people are using the Local Elections in Wales to give nature a voice!

For the first time this year, 16 and 17-year olds will have the chance to vote in Wales’ Local Authority Elections on the 5th of May. Young people involved in the Our Bright Future and Stand for Nature Wales programmes will be seizing this opportunity to give nature a voice and demand that Wales’ Local [...]

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Youth Council: Representing Youth Voice at COP26

On November 9 2021, members of The Lancashire Wildlife Trust Youth Council, 17 year old  Alex Kennedy and 14 year old  Muhammed Amin were selected to take part in a panel event in the Green Zone at COP26 in Glasgow. The event ‘The North West Presents: Talking About My Generation’ was put together by the [...]

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Reflecting on eco anxiety after World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day took place earlier this month, providing an opportunity for people and organisations across the globe, and from all walks of life, to talk about the important subject of mental health. While there is often still stigma around mental illness, it’s been heartening to see so many open conversations and supportive messages [...]

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Andres’ Journey

This blog is written by 22 year old Andres, Groundwork London HR/Admin Assistant who was involved in the Welcome to the Green Economy project. Previous to joining the Our Bright Future project, I was unemployed as I was trying to make a career change while taking a gap year from university. I used to work [...]

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