Lisa had been looking for new ways to develop her skills which would complement her passion for the environment. A colleague recommended that she looked at UpRising’s Environmental Leadership Programme. Lisa said, “The programme has given me opportunities that I could never have imagined!” It increased her awareness of social action, how to make change, and she was introduced to lots of inspirational people at the forefront of environmental change.

Lisa also represented UpRising at the Our Bright Future Youth Forum and all-project seminar. Before being involved in the programme, Lisa wasn’t particularly comfortable speaking in front of large groups of people and never thought she would speak in a room in front of more than 100 people, which is something she did at the Our Bright Future seminar in Belfast.

Lisa explained: “It is amazing to feel that young people have a voice and that other people are willing to listen. UpRising has given me more confidence in my abilities by equipping me with new experiences and skills. I don’t know how UpRising will directly affect me in the future, but I know the breadth of opportunities I have been exposed to will change how I deal with challenges.”

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