We’re calling for policy makers to produce guidance to schools stating that at least an hour of lesson time per day should be spent outdoors.
Why are we asking for this?
Being connected to nature is widely known to improve physical health, wellbeing and learning in young people. Spending time outdoors can help us to be more active and focused, stimulating new ideas and helping young people to apply their learning to real situations.
By engaging in outdoor activities with others, young people can improve their communication skills and confidence through shared tasks, whilst making a positive difference to their environment and the natural world.
When it comes to wellbeing, the outdoors can offer space to process difficult experiences, and acts as a source of respite from busy places. Over the past year many of us have become more aware of nature as a source of comfort, reflection, and indeed fun!
Support our call for outdoor learning
Many schools are heading in the right direction and promoting activities outdoors, which is brilliant. However, in a lot of cases, children are still spending less time outdoors than maximum security prisoners. This obviously needs to change!
Show your support for outdoor learning
By demonstrating widespread support for outdoor learning we can all help to make it a valued part of everyday life. Writing to your local schools is a simple but effective way of encouraging them to take lessons outside.
Help us show that there is demand for outdoor learning, and all the benefits it brings, by writing to your local school(s). We’ve put together some wording to help you let your school(s) know that you’d like them to provide outdoor learning, for at least one hour per day. Make your voice heard!

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Resources for outdoor learning
The brilliant Ulster Wildlife have put together some helpful videos on outdoor learning as part of their #LearnMoreOutdoors campaign. Find advice on planning outdoor lessons, and ideas for how nature can be incorporated into different subjects, below.
We have put together a briefing on Ask 1, which includes various sources of evidence on the benefits of outdoor learning. Find out more.
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