Our Bright Future was an ambitious and innovative partnership led by The Wildlife Trusts which brought together the youth and environmental sectors. It ran from 2016 to the end of 2022. This £33 million programme was funded by the National Lottery Community Fund. It was formed of 31 projects across the UK. Each project helped young people aged 11-24 gain vital skills and experience and improve their wellbeing.
The projects were hugely diverse and addressed multiple issues and challenges faced by young people. There was one theme that brought the projects together: the focus on young people and the environment.
Young people developed knowledge, skills, resilience and confidence and increased their employability
Young people created 355 community or wildlife spaces. They nurtured gardens and orchards and created new habitats for wildlife.
Improvements to community spaces led to improved community cohesion, improved perceptions of young people and an increased enjoyment of natural spaces.
Young people started 203 enterprises.
Our Bright Future has improved the environment and young people’s lives.