Who runs Bright Green Future? Centre for Sustainable Energy
Where is the project? You can join the project anywhere in the UK. There is one residential summer school per year.
How old do I need to be? 14-17 years olds
What is it? An environmental leadership programme where you can take part in webinars, workshops, your own local project, a work placement and a residential summer school. You will learn about the environment, energy and climate change
How often can I come? There are activities over the 12 month course and you will be assigned a mentor
Can I join? Applications open annually here
How much does it cost? It’s free! The team is also able to provide bursaries to cover the cost of your travel to training sessions and summer school
Who do I contact? bgf@cse.org.uk
Can I follow Bright Green Future on social media? Yes! Bright Green Future is on Instagram and Twitter