The Youth in Nature project enabled young people aged 11 – 24 from the Hull area to engage with wildlife and the environment; helping them to inspire people and enable conservation within their communities, as well as supporting them in gaining new skills relevant to finding jobs.  
  • 2,943 young people were informed about the project through roadshows and events 
  • 801 young people increasing their life chances, by increasing their employability prospects, knowledge and skills during the life of the project 
  • 96 young people were identified as active citizens taking part in different influencing and volunteering activities within their communities 
  • 176 young people achieved at least one accreditation 
  • 29 wildlife zones were created or improved over the life of the project. These include a mix of school grounds, community and youth centres, woodlands, nature reserves, allotment, and built environment spaces across the city 
The project worked with some of the most disadvantaged young people, and gave them skills, knowledge and experiences that impacted positively on their confidence, self-esteem, and mental health, as well as inspiring a value for and understanding of the environment. 
‘Youth in Nature also helped to relief any stress or other emotions and has taught me that going out and enjoying nature is a great way to deal with poor mental health and gives someone the opportunity to relax and re-fresh their mind’. Youth in Nature participant 
Many young people from the project formed new and long lasting friendships with their peers, gained long lasting memories and benefited from the many outdoor trips and residential it provided.  
You can learn more about Youth in Nature by downloading the project evaluation report.