Our time is now.
The Youth Forum is a community of like-minded young people who have a common aim around nature and the environment. This is an open and inclusive space for all young people to explore and develop their passions and interests, no matter how big or small, with the support of others. Young people have the opportunity to voice their opinion, create, deliver and lead on the development of their space.
Young leaders in this space have the chance to influence policy, behaviour and awareness through:
  • politicians and MPs
  • education
  • business Leaders
  • decision makers
  • environmental organisations
  • society
  • other young people
The Youth Forum was originally made up of young people from each of the 31 Our Bright Future projects, but it is now open to all young people aged 13-24. It gives young people the opportunity to gain skills and improve their CV and connect with other young people. If you’re interested in knowing more, go to our typeform which includes a role description and introduction pack as well as the form to sign up to our induction session.
The Three Asks campaign was designed by the Youth Forum who meet up in person (when we can) and online regularly to steer the future operations of the project. The Youth Forum is an open space to discuss, create and deliver, campaigns and projects on topics our young people are passionate about.
What Youth Forum Reps say…
  • “It has broadened my knowledge, confidence and generally given me insight to other opportunities and great networking.”
  • “I gave a speech in front of 100 people this time last year I wouldn’t of stood up at the front of the room never mind speak!”
  • “I think I’m constantly learning more skills about how to talk to young people and have discussions. I think I’m constantly developing. I don’t think I’m ever going to stop and I’m going to find more and more things to do and more and more things to explore with Our Bright Future.”