Hi, I’m Finn Jones. I’m fourteen years old, from North Wales and attend the Our Wild Coast project. I was asked to write about my experiences with Our Bright Future, to perhaps help other young people feel able to get involved in our campaign
How to contact MPs
Many people my age aren’t comfortable contacting their local decision-makers; the people whose job it is to help their local community. I want to help change that. I’ve been to Parliament with Our Bright Future and talked to MPs. It’s really easy to contact your MP. You can send a letter or an email. Start with an introduction, make your point clear and try to make your letter interesting and easy to read. To find out who your local MP is and to find their contact details, visit the Parliament website and all the relevant information should be easily accessible.
I was motivated to write to my local MP, Chris Ruane, as I was passionate about one of the three Our Bright Future campaign Asks. I think the Government should enable schoolchildren to have one hour of lesson time outdoors per day. Chris Ruane MP agreed that it was important, but Welsh Government told him that it was at the discretion of schools to decide whether they implement outdoor learning or not. His response was very informative, and I was very pleased to understand more. You won’t always get a response, and it will almost never be within the first day or so. According to Parliament’s website, if they haven’t responded in two weeks, you should consider following the email or letter up with a phone call.
Tell your story
Next, I wanted to talk more about my involvement in Our Bright Future and why I’ve enjoyed it so much. Since starting on the project I’ve made some really close friends and realised what I value in life. My primary goal is to get a job working at North Wales Wildlife Trust, and that’s what I’m working towards. After all, if you get a job you love, not a single day of it will feel like work. I’ve had experiences that many other people haven’t and am still getting these opportunities even up to today. Without spending as much time outdoors as I have, I don’t think I’d be nearly as happy as I am now. Happiness comes from doing what I love. For me, that’s anything regarding the outdoors. I want to inspire others to do outdoor things too.  
Making a difference
I hope that change comes about from what I’ve done. I hope that I can help play a part in creating a better world. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but eventually, I want to be able to see something important that changed, smile, and say, ‘I did that. That was me.’ I think everybody should try to bring benefits to other people, and to the world around them. Even if it’s as simple as using a reusable shopping bag, reducing water usage or picking up litter. It’s important that we try to help as much as we can, even if only in small ways. Learn more about nature and how to help it, then act on that knowledge. I want to promote a safer, happier world, with a healthy environment and climate. That’s one of my biggest goals, to find a way to make some big changes to the world and fix what’s gone wrong with it. Be the change you want to see.


Have you been inspired by Finn? Do you want to contact your local decision makers to ask for more time spent learning in and about nature? Download Finn’s email to his MP and Finn’s letter to schools that he has sent to all secondary schools and colleges in North Wales! These can be used as a template for your own letter and emails.