This blog is written by 22 year old Ashleigh, the Our Bright Future apprentice who is excited about bringing together the environmental leaders of tomorrow.



We are a youth led organisation and we need youth leaders. We are launching an amazing opportunity for young brand ambassadors to passionately represent Our Bright Future through telling their amazing stories and experiences. The Our Bright Future brand ambassador campaign is the chance for you to shine and show off your talents! No previous experience is needed you only need a genuine passion for the environment and the Our Bright Future programme. The brand ambassador campaign is the opportunity to be inspired and have fun with your creativity while promoting and educating others about the environment as well as the amazing things the Our Bright Future programme has achieved.


Join us! We want to inspire young people to get involved to use their power to create something wonderful together. As brand ambassadors we will be communicating on social media, informing our audience about Our Bright Future, sharing the impact we make and encouraging others to get involved to take action to change the world.


What will you get out of this? You will receive some amazing training workshops and toolkits from a comms expert Kathy and the Our Bright Future apprentice Ashleigh which will include social media training, learning about campaigns, media training and blog training. Being a brand ambassador will equip you with useful new skills and is a great and unique achievement to add onto your CV. We will invest in each other and you will have the opportunity to expand your network and meet like-minded young individuals to bounce creative ideas between one another. You will also be a role model, making a difference to raise awareness for why it is so important for young people to be involved in creating a healthier planet, a thriving greener economy, and a bright future for all living things. If you are passionate about the environment, this is a fantastic and rewarding opportunity to shout about and be proud of.


So…What are you waiting for? Get involved and take action now by getting in contact with our team at